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Music Festivals of San Francisco During The Season of Summer

In many of the countries, festivals are celebrated in different months based on various kinds of the season via spring, autumn, winter, and summer. Most of the countries celebrate festivals during holiday seasons such as summer so that people enjoy the most with their children too.

San Francisco summer music festivals

Types of summer festival

Many festive events are conducted in San Francisco. Festivals in San Francisco are as follows:

  • Carnival festival is one of the largest San Francisco summer festival.

The event continues for two days of fun to celebrate the Latin and Caribbean cultures. It also includes a massive parade with their native dress. Food and drinks will be provided for your choice of need. The abolition of slavery and pride in the culture of American and African this festival called Juneteenth is celebrated. This event has many live bands, music, unimaginable foods which are too hot and spicy with cold beverages.

  • Pride parade and festival is an event for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and inter-sexed people in their community to give them their own freedom and to make them proud.
  • Fourth of July waterfront and fireworks festival is conducted in San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf district. People eagerly wait for that grand event of fireworks which is split into two that are over the waterfront in Fisherman’s Wharf at dark.
  • Sausalito art festival exhibits the most popular photography, sculpture, glass works, ceramics, etc.

festivals in San Francisco

Some music festivals

  • Noise pop is one of the music festivals that exceed more than 12 days of entertainment. Other than to music it includes in presenting independent short films.
  • Oyster Fest is a one-day event which focuses on oyster tasting, live music events, and fun. This fest will gather all musicians and audiophiles of San Fransisco
  • North beach festival is the one with more than 20 food vendors, several stages of live music and lots of arts and craft vendors.

It also has an Italian chalk artist and place for entertainment. In this, a special event occur known as the blessing of the animals. In union street festival the union street is packed with food and drinks, arts and crafts and most important stages for the musicians to rock and the interested ones can dance for it.

  • Alice summer thing is a live music fest at Golden Gate Park in the month of June.

By listening to music we can enjoy delicious cocktails, foods from trucks and beverages like beer, wine, soda, etc. Every year one well-known act will be present. At the annual SF Jazz festival, it is a great chance for jazz lovers to enjoy a variety of performers all over SF. Fillmore jazz festival posses incredible jazz music all two days. It requires an ID to enter without your ID you cannot enter into the place.

  • The outside land music festival is the best music fest that is situated in the Golden Gate Park. Many different styles of music can be heard through this fest.
  • Hardly Strictly Bluegrass is another popular music event which is totally free of cost in San Francisco summer music festival.
  • Stern Grove is another concert which includes local and international favorites. Treasure Island is the final top music festival that not only includes live music, fun activities and more.

These are the topmost summer festivals of San Francisco. Each fest varies accordingly. Most of the fest is conducted after the month of June.